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Skidstahus has been acquired by Storskogen Industrier

Skidstahus, one of Sweden’s largest villa manufacturers, with more than SEK 200 million in revenue and more than 60 employees, has been acquired by Storskogen Industrier AB.

The reason behind selling Skidstahus is age. “People in the ownership structure and the management team had started thinking about retirement. Therefore, we choose to do this” says Leif Svanholm CEO at Skidstahus. Leif has heard nothing but positive comments from his employees and according to both Leif Svanholm and the new owners, there will be no big changes.

The new owner Storskogen has the vision of running smaller sized companies and making them better. Storskogen believe Skidstahus is a great company with great employees. “We will continue the ongoing work of making the company a little bit better, and no major changes will occur at the moment. We believe the company is operating in a good way as it is”, says Daniel Kaplan at Storskogen.

Skarpa advised the seller in the transaction.

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