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We assist business owners with advice in transactions, valuations and financing issues.


Skarpa has executed over 100 transactions of companies valued between 25 to 300 million SEK to an accumulated transaction value of 3 billion SEK.


Skarpa primarily works with corporations, entrepreneurs and private equity firms who wish to sell a company. In our role as transaction advisor to the seller, we move the process from the preparation of the company to a completed sale. Our sales are conducted according to Skarpa’s process which is adapted to the seller’s unique situation.

Skarpa also helps business owners who are courted by a potential buyer. We ensure that the owner controls the sales process and get the full value for their company.


Skarpa assists private individuals, businesses, corporations and private equity firms who wish to acquire companies. We assist our clients on the buyer’s side with advice through the remainder of the acquisition process.

Company Valuations

Skarpa has valued over 600 companies since 2007. Company valuation is an important parameter in connection with transactions, mergers and generational changes.

Since Skarpa executes a large number of transactions every year, we have very good knowledge of the market values of various types of medium-sized companies. This is utilized by lawyers, accountants and tax consultants when they are in need of a qualified opinion on a company’s value.

Skarpa’s comprehensive theoretical knowledge of business valuation in combination with our practical experience of what a buyer actually pays for a company has made Skarpa the top choice for law firms, accountants and tax consultants advisor when they need an expert witness in disputes and legal proceedings.

Skarpa educates banks, law firms and educational companies in company valuations.

Financial Advisory

Skarpa has a long experience in financial advisory. We mainly help business owners, CFOs and boards with financing in connection with:

• Acquisitions
• Buyouts
• Generational changes

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