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In 2013, Skarpa became part of the international corporate business arena by joining CDI GLOBAL.

We are a part of our world - therefore we work globally in our projects

Sweden and its industry is and has always been heavily dependent on international relations and exchanges. Virtually all transactions Skarpa project manager has an international touch because all of our business is marketed internationally in varying degrees.

Skarpa became a part of the international arena of corporate business by joining CDI Global, in 2013. The Business Network was founded 40 years ago and has an extraordinary track record, particularly in Europe and the US.

CDI Global has served as an advisor in the formation and disintegration of multinational industrial conglomerates in Europe and the United States. We are working intensively within CDI Global to build up our Asian width and currently qualified offices in China. We have had a very strong foothold in Japan for a long period of time.

Our partners have deep industry knowledge of more than 25 industries, speaks the language and understands the local business practices and cultures.


CDI Global specializes in the international market for companies seeking middle market mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures.
The network is aimed at mid-market transactions, typically under $ 250 million in company value, but we have advised in transactions as large as $ 2 billion.

Long experience of Strategic fit, industry dynamics and competitive factors. Trans-national transactions and complex projects.

CDI Global has offices in all major financial centers of the world.

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