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Nyhammars Bruk has been acquired by Sjölanders Mekaniska AB

This acquisition is in line with our strategic focus, says Leif Andersson, CEO of Sjölanders Mekaniska AB. It strengthens both our capacity and competence in the welding and processing of large metal objects. Nyhammar Bruk has 35 employees and has a turnover of approximately 45 MSEK. The plant has a long history and is well established in the region. Today, the business is focused on manufacturing of large metal objects to customers mainly in the mining and steel industry.

Empower, which has its core business in industrial services, has owned Nyhammar’s Use since 2009. After our decision to continue focusing on our project and service operations in Sweden, we are very pleased to have found a buyer for Nyhammar Bruk, who can continue to develop the business, says Stefan Eklund, Head of Empowers Industry Division.

Sharp has been Empower’s adviser.

Transaction Team from Sharp
Jesper Wigelius.

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