Fairness Opinion to the Board of Directors of

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Fairness Opinion to the Board of Directors of Dignita Systems AB

The US based company 1A Smart Start has made an offer on the listed company Dignita Systems, which manufactures alcohol meters and breathalyzers. The bid is at SEK 11.30 per share.

Compared with Dignita’s closing price on Tuesday at 8:00, the bid represents a premium of 41.3 percent.

The two largest shareholders, Björkbron AB and Jumeirah Limited, with a total holding of 76.2 percent of the shares and votes in Dignita, have undertaken to irrevocably and unconditionally accept the offer.

The Independent Bidding Committee for Dignita Systems recommends unanimous holders of shares to accept 1A Smart Start’s bidding offer. The Committee has obtained a so-called Fairness Opinion from the independent expert Skarpa AB, according to which the offer from a financial point of view is reasonable for the shareholders of Dignita Systems.

An offer document regarding the offer is expected to be published around May 15, 2017. The acceptance period is expected to commence around May 16 and end on June 7th.

Skarpas team
Magnus Lövdén
Anton Strid

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