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AB Hugo Carping acquires Bra Gross Sverige AB

AB Hugo Carping has on March 8, 2024, acquired all shares in Bra Gross Sverige AB. The acqusition is made with cash where Bra Gross Sverige AB becomes a fully owned subsidiary of AB Hugo Carping. The operational shareholders in Bra Gross Sverige AB will continue to be engaged in the company after the transaction. Through the acquisition, the combined turnover of the group of companies will be over 400 million Swedish kronor.

“We see significant synergies in the acquisition. In addition to strengthening our market presence in the most densely populated part of the country, we are creating a solid platform for further growth,” said chairman PG Carping.

The Swedish HVAC wholesale market is characterized by a high degree of consolidation where a few players are active. The new corporate group creates improved opportunities regarding logistical solutions and will also offer both new and existing customers a broader range of products. Initially, the companies will continue to operate separately before gradually being integrated.

AB Hugo Carping has been operating in the HVAC wholesale business since 1947. Customers are located throughout the country and consist mostly of small and medium-sized installation companies. The company is based in Arlöv where the headquarters and central warehouse are located. In addition to this location, there are also stores in Helsingborg and Stockholm. The total turnover in 2023 was approximately 170 million SEK with 37 employees.

Bra Gross Sverige AB has been operating in the HVAC wholesale business since 2000. The company is based in Örebro where the headquarters and central warehouse are located. In addition, there are stores in Täby, Västberga, Norrköping, and a sales office in Linköping. Customers are located in Stockholm and around the region of Mälardalen, mostly consisting of installation companies and e-commerce customers. The turnover in 2023 was approximately 237 million SEK with 39 employees.

Skarpa has been the advisor to the seller in the transaction.


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