Kjeldsberg Eiendomsforvaltning acquires shares in TidX Förvaltning

Date: 24 April 2024

Kjeldsberg Eiendomsforvaltning acquires shares in TidX Förvaltning

The Norwegian property management company Kjeldsberg Eiendomsforvaltning is acquiring 34 percent of the shares in the property management company Tidx Förvaltning, headquartered in Gothenburg. The collaboration is a significant step in expanding the portfolio within property management and operations in the Nordic region.

Kjeldsberg Eiendomsforvaltning, a wholly-owned subsidiary of R.Kjeldsberg AS, established in 1999. The company has established itself as a leading manager of residential and commercial properties with a comprehensive perspective on property management in recent years. The company offers its services throughout Norway. With a turnover of approximately 290 million NOK in 2023 and 115 employees, the company holds a solid position.

Tidx Förvaltning AB specializes in the management and operation of commercial and residential properties, mainly in the Gothenburg region. The company manages approximately 600,000 square meters of commercial property and 1,500 apartments. In the financial year 2022/23, the company had a turnover of 40 million SEK and employs 32 people.

Ole Petter Bjørseth, chairman of Kjeldsberg Eiendomsforvaltning, emphasizes that the partnership is part of the company’s strategy.

“We aim to grow in the Nordic market and provide our customers with a complete range of services within property management. An important aspect of the partnership is to further develop our business areas in sustainability, energy, and the environment,” says Bjørseth.

“We have invested a lot of time in this process and have become well acquainted with TidX Förvaltning. We share the view of the opportunities and challenges in the property industry and have a common and strong level of ambition for further growth and development of the company. The fact that we both also prioritize a long-term and sustainable perspective lays a solid foundation for the collaboration.

Kjeldsberg Eiendomsforvaltning is a solid and responsible Norwegian company with a long tradition and a good reputation, committed to developing partnerships with the right people and solid brands. That’s what we have found in Tidx Förvaltning,” says Bjørseth.

As the next step in TidX’s development and progress, they have chosen to “join forces” with Kjeldsberg Eiendomsforvaltning. TidX’s owners Mattias Antonsson and Fredrik Rudfeldt remain the main owners with 66% ownership.

Skarpa has been the advisor to the buyer in the transaction.


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