Consafe logistics acquires stake in Sonat – a new logistics team i being formed

Date: 1 March 2007

Consafe logistics acquires stake in Sonat – a new logistics team i being formed

“Together with Sonat, we can offer our customers a productive and long-term operational solution.
Demand is growing, and we want to be ahead of the game with a tailor-made quality product. Consafe Logistics’ strength lies in logistics solutions, and we are reinforcing our product portfolio with logistics processes,”
says Ulf Wallin, MD, Consafe Logistics Group.

Sonat creates and takes responsibility for logistics processes that do two things — they reduce costs and, in various ways, generate increased business benefits. Sonat was founded in 1999 and is an expert company in the area of fourth party logistics in Sweden. The company currently has offices in Stockholm, Örebro, Norrköping and Gothenburg.

“Sonat is an “insourced” logistics department. We are an outside skills company that becomes part of the customer’s business. We make sure that the customer gets significant competitive advantage from the customer’s logistics and supply chain. Together with Consafe Logistics, we can offer customers new innovative supply chain solutions,” says Kjell Rundqvist, MD, Sonat AB.

Sonat does part or all the work normally done by the customer’s internal logistics or Transport Department. Sonat can also take over the responsibility for developing the company’s various logistics processes, such as replenishment, distribution, shipping, stock control and order reception.

Consafe Logistics Group
The Consafe Logistics Group is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of logistics solutions. Consafe Logistics’ turnover is currently around SEK 400 million. The company has about 270 employees. Our business idea is that good logistics will make our customers more competitive and profitable. Consafe Logistics is a strong partner in Supply Chain Execution and offers integrated solutions, standard products and mobile equipment for all industrial environments. The product portfolio includes strong brands – Astro WMS, SattStore WMS, Effect Warehouse, Connect Voice and TraffiCom. Consafe Logistics has customers in over 20 countries around the world. Consafe Logistics is a member of the JCE Group.

Sonat AB
Sonat, founded in 1999, is a rapidly growing company, whose objective is to create increased competitiveness for its customers by managing, operating and developing customers’ logistics processes with cost-efficiency, quick reactions and the power to transform. Sonat is responsible annually for goods to the value of several billion SEK, across several networks, and with as many as 100,000 market participants. The company currently has 60 employees and offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Norrköping and Örebro. Among Sonat’s clients are: Sandvik, Apoteket, Lantmännen, Svenska Retursystem.

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