Hans Rausing & familjen johannesson satsar på dopingbekämpning

Datum: 9 juli 2010

Hans Rausing & familjen johannesson satsar på dopingbekämpning

De nya majoritetsägarna består av familjen Hans Rausing och familjen Tuve Johannesson. Två familjer med stor finansiella styrka och industriell erfarenhet. International Doping Tests & Management AB är nu rustat för tillväxt och global expansion. Se bifogat press release.

Press release 2010-07-08

The new owners are the Hans Rausing family and the Tuve Johannesson family and each have an equal share of ownership. Hans Rausing, is the creator of Tetra Pak/Tetra Laval (the single largest packaging company in liquid foods) and Tuve Johannesson, is a long-standing manager of Tetra Pak and later manager of Volvo Cars.

”The combination of extensive international industrial experience and financial muscle were crucial in the choice of this ownership group over a large number of other potential partners,” says founder Staffan Sahlström who has sold a large number of his shares. The market for doping tests is still in its infancy but firmer rules and legislation means that the request for these tests is on the rise around the world. With these new owners we feel that we can further develop our business areas and expand a lot faster,” says Staffan Sahlström.

The new owners see advantages in IDTM as the world’s leading company in its field, with a stable organization and extensive customer relations, as well as pioneers within the anti-doping area.

”The company has solid knowledge regarding doping and doping tests that is very valuable for further development. We see a large business potential in the changes that now are taking place on the market, mainly through developing new products and services, streamlining and geographical expansion,” says Erik Johannesson who represents the new owners.

The new owners have acquired 75 percent of the company. 20 percent is owned by founder Staffan Sahlström and the remaining 5 percent by chairman of the board, Björn Unger. Björn Unger will remain as chairman and Staffan Sahlström stays in the company, and will work on developing new products/services, markets and business areas.

The CEO of the company is Veronika Lyckow. The new owners are represented by Erik Johannesson who will be working actively in the company with marketing and sales.

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