has been acquired by

Vallåsen has been acquired by Branäs

Vallåsen is one of Sweden’s southernmost ski resorts and is located on Hallandsåsen two miles east of Båstad. Vallåsen currently has guests from Copenhagen and Malmö region as well
quest from nearby municipalities. There are almost five million people living
Within two hours drive from Vallåsen.

“Vallåsen has more than 60,000 visitors each year and last year the plant became one of Sweden’s ten largest. There are a total of five lifts, of which two chair lifts, as well as restaurants,
Ski shop, ski hire and ski school, says Mikael Rundblom, chairman of
Branäsgruppen AB. It is a fantastic facility, which has a great potential to
Grow further.

Through the acquisition of Vallåsen, Branäsgruppen AB will approach an annual turnover of SEK 200 million. The Branä Group is already Sweden’s largest privately owned Ski resorts company
and after the acquisition of Vallåsen, Branäsgruppen AB becomes Sweden’s second largest all categories.

“We are of course very pleased and proud to have Vallåsen incorporated into the Branäsgruppen AB,” says Mikael Rundblom. We strongly believe in the development of ski tourism in Sweden and
Especially for those high quality resorts in skiing and outdoor activities, without requiring too long trips for the family.

Branäs and Kungsberget belong to the plants that are the fastest growing in Sweden recently
years. The number of employees increases each year, during the season there are about 450 employees, and over the past six years, more than one billion kronor has been invested in these two facilities in terms of accommodation, hotels, restaurants, slopes and lifts.

“All our facilities have enormous expansion possibilities. We will continue to
Invest to increase experience and capacity. At the same time, we want to grow through acquisitions. Vallåsen therefore fits well into our strategy, concludes Mikael Rundblom.

For more information contact:
Anders Kjällström, CEO, Direkttel: 054-132602
Mikael Rundblom, Directorate: 054-13 26 68

Branäsgruppen is a Swedish group active in the ski industry. </ Em>
The three subsidiaries Branäs Fritidscenter AB, Kungsbergets Fritidsanlegg </ em>
AB and Vallåsen Fritidsanläggning AB all agree that they combine short </ em> travel time with long runs in the ski slope. Together, the Branä Group responds to a market share </ em> of 7% and accounts for SEK 200 million. During the winter season, the Group employs 450 </ em> people.
</ Em>
Branäs, 6000 beds, 135 MSEK sales, www.branas.se
Kungsberget, 500 beds, SEK 35 million, www.kungsberget.se
Vallåsen, SEK 30 million turnover, www.vallasen.se

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