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V-Sell Ekologiska Produkter has been accquired by Attwik Invest

V-Sell Ecological Products, a leading importer and distributor of organic food and skin care products, have been acquired by Attwik Invest.

V-Sell Organic Products represents a number of leading organic brands in Sweden, perhaps the most famous is Khoisan Tea. Today, V-Sell offers a wide range of organic products, and prides themselves on working with some of the best suppliers in the market and has been running its own product development for some time.

Since the beginning, we have grown steadily and today we are one of Sweden’s largest importers and distributors of organic food and skin care products.

V-Sells retailers are located throughout the country, mainly in grocery stores, health food stores, restaurants, niche shops and online.

Sharp has been the seller’s representative throughout the sales process.

Skarpas transaction team

Fredrik Olsson
Erik Geijer
Robin Dangoor, at Dangoor Associates, has been the legal advisers of the salesmen.

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