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Sundquist Components has been acquired by NMC

The international NMC group, with its subsidiary NMC Cellfoam AB, has acquired Sundquist Components AB in Malmö. The transaction was completed and the transaction took place on July 1, 2013.

In the acquisition, the new owner acquired all shares from AxIndustries AB, which previously owned the Malmö-based company.

NMC Cellfoam AB in Kinnahult is working on converting foamed polymeric materials. Sundquist Components AB also processes polymeric materials, primarily through punching.

“With this acquisition we strengthen NMC’s presence on the Swedish market,” said Bengt Egeman, CEO of NMC Cellfoam AB, NMC Sverige AB and NMC Norge A / S.

NMC specializes in foam extrusion. The company has eleven factories in Europe and sales offices in 20 countries. The company reported a turnover of 196 million euros for 2012 and has more than 1,200 employees in Europe.

Skarpa has been adviser to the seller AxIndustries AB.

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Niklas Edler

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