has been acquired by

J.G Ventilation has been acquired by Evolver

On the 12th of October, the Åland based investment company Evolver Investment Group AB has completed its sixth transaction by investing in the Stockholm-based company J.G Ventilation AB. The deal has made Evolver together with its Åland, Swedish and Finnish subinvestors, as well as J.G Ventilation’s former main owner Anders Grenros and Lars Wadle.

J.G Ventilation AB has been working for 43 years in the ventilation industry in Stockholm. The company specializes in the installation and manufacture of ventilation ducts in sheet metal. As part of developing and building J.G Ventilation for the future, Anders Grenros and Lars Walde have chosen to take Evolver as the main owner.

For former chief owners Anders Grenros and Lars Wadle, Evolver’s joint ownership represents a welcome compulsory grant. Together, we will develop the company’s operations and services

Sharp has helped the parties to project the transaction as well as structuring planning and financing.

Transaction Team from Sharp
Jesper Wigelius.
Niclas Rundlöf


J.G. Ventilation AB website

Evolver Investment Group AB website

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